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Elof Hansson International supplies components, equipment, machinery and complete plants to all kind of industries. We offer worldwide products and services within five business segments: Special Projects, Projects China, Medical, Sustainable Projects and Equipment & Components.


We provide long-term financing and expertise and our focus areas are projects that will help improve environmental, social, and economic conditions in societies around the world. We deliver sustainable projects in addition to our long engagement in the sales of equipment to the pulp and paper industry. We collaborate with companies and institutions where we share common values ​​and ambitions to work towards the global sustainability goals in the UN Agenda 2030. Our five business areas are:


Special Projects

Large EKN/SEK backed projects where we support the main contractor in securing and delivering the Swedish content

Projects China

ECA backed projects in China


Trade facilitation within the field of MedTech and medical supplies (pharmaceuticals excluded)

Sustainable Projects

Projects where Elof Hansson will act as the main contractor

Equipment and Components

Supply to the pulp and paper industry


Our segments Special Projects, China Projects, Sustainable Projects and Medical are responsible for our long-term financed project business, mainly through international ECA’s and financial institutions, such as EKN, SEK, Ashra, NIB, US Ex-Im Bank, etc. Our expertise in financial solutions, project execution and logistics has so far yielded more than 45 contracts since we entered into the project financing business in the 1990s. Our main market since then, for this type of business, has been in China whilst focus has now shifted toward Africa.

Different industries and fields are covered, such as medical, infrastructure, irrigation, water treatment, agricultural, food, traffic and security. Financing and project execution is the base for our business, not the product area as such. This makes it possible for us to work in any industry segment at any market. The projects secured are the result of a combination of Elof Hansson Group’s financing capability, Elof Hansson International’s project execution competence as well as market presence and knowledge. We represent our suppliers globally within the segments Quality Control, Process Equipment and Consumables. Through our subsidiaries and representation offices located close to the end-users, we can provide the services that our customers require.

We represent our suppliers globally within the segments Quality Control, Process Equipment and Consumables. Through our subsidiaries and representation offices located close to the end-users, we can provide the services that our customers require.

We are the reliable partner, we do what we promise, on time!





Contacts International


Björn Olausson
President, Elof Hansson International

Mobile: +46 765 43 07 91
Phone: +46 31 85 68 91
Per Lundström
Equipment & Components, Elof Hansson International AB

Phone: +46 31 85 63 02
Fax: +46 31 12 67 35
Jonas Heiman
Medical, Elof Hansson International

Mobile: +46 765 43 08 25
Phone: +46 31 85 68 25
Ann Söderlund
Projects China, Elof Hansson International

Mobile: +46 703 15 63 76
Phone: +46 31 85 63 76
Henrik Lauenstein
Special Projects, Elof Hansson International AB

Mobile: +46 721 43 87 06
Phone: +46 31 58 98 02
Thomas Norrgård
Special Projects, Elof Hansson International AB

Mobile: +46 765 11 32 33
Phone: +46 31 58 98 33
Christin Ekenved
Executive Assistant and Accounting

Phone: +46 31 85 62 96
Fax: +46 31 12 67 35
Karin Lindroth
Finance Manager Business Area Controller

Mobile: +46 765 43 08 14
Phone: +4631856034
Lolita Nilsson
Sales Coordinator

Phone: +46 31 85 60 12
Fax: +46 31 12 67 35
Kerstin Svensson
Sales and Logistics Support

Phone: +46 31 85 60 22
Fax: +46 31 12 67 35

Regions & product areas

Find the nearest Elof Hansson office by selecting the desired region on the map or in the menu. Here you can also find information about which suppliers we represent in different parts of the world.

Elof Hansson India

For more than five decades, Elof Hansson has been successfully associated with the pulp, paper and converting industries in India. We are actively engaged in machinery supplies, technical services, consumables and speciality chemicals.

Regional head office Chennai

Elof Hansson India’s head office is located in Chennai in the southeast of India. To cover the entire Indian market as well as Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal, we also have branch offices in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata.


Elof Hansson (India) Pvt Ltd

Contact details
 Rajam Towers, 2nd floor
45, K. B. Dasan Road, Teynampet,

Chennai 600018

Tel: +91 44 2431 5110-15
Fax: +91 44 2431 5116
E-mail: office.chennai@in.elofhansson.com

Regional office Secunderabad


Elof Hansson (India) Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad

Contact details

Address: 503, Amsri Classic
H. No. 9-1-127/4
Sarojini Devi Road
Secunderabad 500 003

Tel: +91 40 2771 6242
Fax: +91 40 2771 6243
E-mail: office.hyderabad@in.elofhansson.com

Regional office Mumbai


Elof Hansson (India) Pvt Ltd, Mumbai 

Contact details

Address: Court Chambers
35 New Marine Lines
Mumbai 400 020

Tel: +91 22 2200 2588, 2200 2589
Fax: +91 22 2206 2460
E-mail: office.mumbai@in.elofhansson.com

Regional office Kolkata


Elof Hansson (India) Ptv Ltd, Kolkata 

Contact details

Address: 181/1, C.I.T. Road
Scheme – VII M.
Kolkata -700 054

Tel: +91 33 2355 6137 / 6138
Fax: +91 33 2355 6138
E-mail: office.kolkatta@in.elofhansson.com

Regional office New Delhi


Elof Hansson (India) Pvt Ltd, New Delhi 

Contact details

Address: 322-B, Hemkunt Chambers
89, Nehru Place
New Delhi 110 019Tel: +91 11 4161 8018, 4161 8563
Fax: +91 11 4161 8063
E-mail: office.delhi@in.elofhansson.com


Elof Hansson India offers chemicals for the following applications:

Water & Waste Water Treatment

Boiler Feed Water Treatment

  • Single product, all organic filming & neutralizing amines based ELOGUARD®  program.
  • Phosphate-free program eliminates HP dosing, requires LP dosing only.
  • Superior and comprehensive protection against corrosion to pre boiler, boiler & condensate system.
  • Over 170 customers in industries like paper, oil refinery, sugar, textile, steel, power etc., with steam pressures ranging from 8 Bar to 100 Bar rely on ELOGUARD.

In addition to the above, Elof Hansson in cooperation with BKG Water Solutions, Germany, offers comprehensive solutions for the following:

Cooling Water treatment – Antiscalants, Corrosion inhibitors, Dispersants and Biocides.

Raw Water Pretreatment – Flocculants and Coagulants.

RO Membrane Treatment – Antiscalants, Prereservation, CIP cleaning chemicals and programs.

Waste Water Treatment – Flocculants and Coagulants, Defoamers, Color removal, Odour control and Water reuse / Recycle programs.

Selective process additives for Refinery / Petrochemical, Sugar mills, Paper mills and Food industry.

Complete water treatment package, with control equipment for dosing, monitoring, control and Onsite Service and Support.

For more information on BKG Water Solutions, please visit their website



Corrosion Inhibition in Refinery Overhead systems

  • Filming and neutralizing amines based corrosion inhibitor, ELOGUARD P 86 for protection against corrosion & scaling in overhead systems of crude/atmospheric distillation units, vacuum distillation units, delayed coker unit (DCU) etc.

Paper/Board making

  • Fine and ultrafine high brightness kaolin clays from Thiele Kaolin, Georgia, USA.


Almost regardless of what kind of upgrade or new installation you are looking for, we are able to help. We represent a number of high-quality machinery suppliers and also co-operate with many others on a case-by-case basis, enabling us to provide you with an attractive offer.

Clean Combustion

Clean Combustion provides highly efficient burner systems, increasing uptime and reducing fuel consumption and emissions, compared to traditional burners. They also offer flame cameras and SNCR-NOx reduction systems. Read more >>




Lundberg has nearly 80 years of practical experience helping a wide range of industries meet environmental compliance requirements. The company offers a comprehensive range of environmental and evaporator solutions, and energy-saving and chemical processing technologies. Read more >>


LUNDBERG_general logo_RGB


Novimpianti is a leading supplier of drying, ventilation and environmental technology for the global paper and tissue industries. The range includes products and systems for tissue drying, energy saving, tissue ventilation, paper and board ventilation and drying, and steam and auxiliary systems for corrugating machines. Read more >>


logo novimpianti def


Quality Control

Through the companies that Elof Hansson represents, we can offer a wide range of testing methods, enabling you to maintain a stable manufacturing process and high product quality. We provide instruments both for laboratory and on-line measurements.


Frank-PTI offers testing instruments for research and development, production and quality control within the pulp, paper and tissue industry. The product range covers instruments for routine and special applications consistent with current standards and testing methods. Read more >>

Frank-PTI is a subsidiary of Elof Hansson.


IGT Testing Systems

IGT Testing Systems is the successor of the world-renowned TNO Institute for the Graphic Techniques, founded in 1939. The company specializes in printability testing equipment and tack testing instruments for the paper and printing, graphical, plastic, paint, ink and coating industries. The offer also includes quality control and test services as well as consultancy services and on-demand research. Read more >>




Pulmac Systems International provides the paper industry with products and services that support the identification and reduction of process inefficiencies and upsets. The company has been providing testing equipment to measure critical pulp quality parameters for over 40 years and has a wealth of experience from successful implementation of a data-based decision-making process. Read more >>



CRS Reactor

CRS has been supplying research equipment for the paper and pulp industry for more than 30 years. They have designed, constructed, manufactured and installed more than one hundred systems for fiber research, mostly for batch sizes of 0.5 – 5 kg OD, but both smaller and larger systems have been delivered. Read more >>



Process Equipment

Having the right process equipment for the right application is vital for ensuring the smooth operation of any process.


Scanjet Systems provides tank cleaning solutions to the beverage, energy, food, pulp and paper and transport industries. The product range comprises fit-for-purpose tank cleaning solutions including tank cleaning machines, and ancillary tank cleaning products. Read more >>




We can provide the consumables you require in a reliable, fast and convenient way.


AstenJohnson is a global manufacturer of paper machine clothing, advanced and filtration fabrics, filaments and drainage equipment. The company has supplied the paper industry since 1790 and has a thorough knowledge of the industry’s equipment and manufacturing processes. Read more >>




Acecoat provides thermal spray coating services and products to the paper industry, defence industry, nuclear power plants and other industries. The company is at the forefront in utilizing the latest technology and innovations in product development. Read more >>




Since 1975 Sandar has served the pulp and paper industry with pure and simple baling solutions. The company is the world’s largest manufacturer of turn-up systems and paperband, and a pioneer in reel turn-up technology, wireless baling and paperband. Read more >>