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Elof Hansson International focus on sustainable projects in areas such as clean water, renewable energy, infrastructure, education, and healthcare. We provide long-term financing and expertise in projects aiming to help to improve environmental, social, and economic conditions in societies around the world – we focus on projects and partners supporting UN Agenda 2030.

Our base is long-term financed project business, mainly through international ECA’s and financial institutions, such as EKN, SEK, Ashra, NIB, etc.

We are a facilitator for Swedish Export and collaborate with companies and institutions where we share common values ​​and ambitions.

Financing and project execution is the base for our business, not the product area as such. This makes it possible for us to work in any industry segment at any market. The projects secured are the result of a combination of Elof Hansson Group’s financing capability, Elof Hansson International’s project execution competence as well as market presence and knowledge.

Our expertise in financial solutions, project execution and logistics has so far yielded about 50 contracts since we entered the project financing business in the 1990s. An important market since then, for this type of business, has been Asia whilst focus has now shifted to a more global approach, and currently we perform several projects in Africa.

We are a reliable partner for projects/business in line with Agenda 2030 and based on customer needs. We’ll make it happen.


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Björn Olausson

Mobile: +46 765 43 07 91
Phone: +46 31 85 68 91
Jonas Heiman
Sales & Project Manager

Mobile: +46 765 43 08 25
Phone: +46 31 85 68 25
Henrik Lauenstein
General Manager Project Execution

Mobile: +46 721 43 87 06
Phone: +46 31 58 98 02
Jessica Magnusson
Senior Manager Sustainable Business Development

Mobile: +46 706 85 56 33
Ann Söderlund
Sales & Project Manager

Mobile: +46 703 15 63 76
Phone: +46 31 85 63 76