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Makes life easier for buyers and sellers of pulp, paper and stocklots

Elof Hansson Trade is a global business facilitator for buyers and sellers of pulp, paper and stocklots. We sell not only a product, but a complete package of value-added services such as financing, risk management, shipping and marketing.


Worldwide projects

Elof Hansson International focus on sustainable projects in areas such as clean water, renewable energy, infrastructure, education, and healthcare.


A young real estate company based on 120 years of tradition

Elof Hansson Properties is a young real estate company in Gothenburg built on the Elof Hansson tradition of recognizing and exploiting business opportunities. The company invests in, develops, owns and manages mainly commercial real estate and invests in new real estate projects.

The global business facilitator

Our business concept is as strong today as when the young merchant Elof Hansson started his own business 120 years ago. It’s about connecting buyers and sellers, and helping them to make good deals. That’s what our trading specialists do every day for companies around the globe.