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Contribution to the society

The business ethos of the Elof Hansson Group was first described in the ”house rules”, written by our founder Elof Hansson in January 1925. The basic principles of the “house rules” remain valid today, despite the many changes in the state of the world and the business environment. Now, as then, common values and clear rules of conduct are crucial for business success.

Our owner, the foundation Elof Hanssons Stiftelse supports academic education, research and training in the commercial sector. The main focus is on trade and business activities such as marketing, international trade, accounting, commercial law and business language.

In addition, the Foundation makes annual contributions to the international work of the Church of Sweden and its international aid activities.

As part of its environmental work, Elof Hansson holds Chain of Custody certificates according to the FSC ® (FSC-C074512) and PEFC (PEFC/05-37-289) standards.


Partner Code of Conduct

Elof Hansson is a leading trading house since 1897, thanks to the hard work of our employees and all our Partners. We are fully committed to continue growing and to add value and exceed expectations of all our Partners. Being a global leading trader for pulp, paper and timber, Elof Hansson is subject to a significant amount of regulatory authorities worldwide (covering health and safety, environment, financial crime, international trade and sanctions etc). To ensure compliance with our own values but also within a constantly evolving regulatory environment, we have our internal Elof Hansson Policies. As it is our shared responsibility that values and legislation are reflected in all our actions, this Partner Code of Conduct, sets out our expectations. We encourage our Partners to establish similar Code of Conduct and we will support actions by our Partners to increase awareness and compliance within all areas of this Policy.