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Our knowledge will help you navigate the world of pulp

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Pulp trade is intricate, and knowledge demands are high. Our long experience will help you navigate the market.

Pulp, despite its appearance, is a complex and many-faceted product. Trading in the Pulp commodity requires thorough knowledge of the global market, the product and close relations with both buyers and suppliers.

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How we do it

Pulp is a versatile raw material used in many industries, like paper, textiles and building materials. Every end customer has their own definitions of good quality, fair price and effective financing. Our role is to support buyers and sellers with expert knowledge and offer our years of experience from this complex process to make a deal that satisfies all parties.

We trade in every kind of pulp. The main qualities we buy and sell are NBSK, NBHK, BCTMP, BEKP, fluff pulp and dissolving pulp. Our pulp sales organization is represented in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas.

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