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Energy & Industrial Exhibition 2018

Christin December 13, 2018

Clean Combustion participated in the Energy and Industrial Exhibition 2018. The event was well-attended and most important companies and actors in each industry were in place to exchange information, news, contacts and ideas. We received a number of interesting contacts that gave us the opportunity to present our future combustion technology for these new potential customers. We are also planning to return to this event next year 2019.

The Energy and Industrial Exhibition is a collaboration between ÅF, the Heat and Power Association, the Mätarvatten section and the Sodahus Committee.

Over two days, five conferences with different approaches ranging from pulp, paper and energy production to new directives and innovative technology solutions were organized. During the days, a well-attended supplier exhibition was also organized. The exhibition was in direct contact with the conference rooms and provided a great opportunity to meet potential partners and customers from the energy, pulp and paper industry. Read more about the exhibition here <<