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Cartulinas CMPC Maule first to buy PulpEye in Chile

Christin January 18, 2018

The Chilean folding boxboard maker Cartulinas CMPC S.A. has bought two PulpEye online analyser systems to its mill in Maule, one of the world’s biggest folding boxboard mills. This is the first PulpEye order to Chile. One system will be installed in the BTMP pulp mill and the other in the board mill’s stock preparation.

Since 1951, Cartulinas CMPC S.A., an affiliate of Empresas CMPC S.A., manufactures and markets folding boxboard. Cartulinas CMPC S.A. manufactures its folding boxboard products in two mills, one located close to the city of Valdivia and another in the Maule Region. Inagurated in 1998, the Maule mill is located 280 km South of Santiago and has an annual output capacity of its board machine of 380 000 tons per year in grammages 200-400g/m2.

The PulpEye analyzer for the BTMP production is equipped with modules measuring fiber and shive modules and our new blow line sampler RefinerEye. In the stock preparation the PulpEye unit is equipped with module for freeness. The package includes a complete control package and our new PulpOnTarget package for calculation of bulk and other strength properties on the end product.

“When the PulpEye online analyzers are installed we will get an even better on-line measurement and hence an improved on-line process control,” says Jorge Aldana, Technical Director from CMPC Papeles Business Line. By having continuous data from the pulp production we will get reliable prediction of critical variables in the board machine, which will increase productivity and quality even further.”

“The PulpEye delivery to Cartulinas CMPC Maule is an important breakthrough into the Chilean pulp and paper industry for this top of the line technology,” says Juan Carlos Ruiz, Regional Manager for Elof Hansson International in Chile. I am very satisfied that Cartulinas CMPC Maule, one of the biggest folding boxboard mills in the world, will make good use of the technical possibilities offered by PulpEye equipment in their production.