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Optimizing logistics

Getting the goods from A to B is our expertise.
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What we do

We make the products move from A to B by managing transportation in an efficient way. Our experts daily challenge carriers for collaborative solutions that will help the business running smoothly.


We not only focus on optimizing our transportation and logistics but also actively support the development of advanced technology and research aimed at achieving more sustainable transportation solutions. Recognizing the critical role that technology and innovation play in reducing the environmental impact of the transportation sector, the Elof Hansson Foundation allocates a portion of its donations to support researchers and scientists working on groundbreaking projects with innovative solutions to make the movement of goods more sustainable.

Sustainability as top priority

Addressing global carbon emissions, we prioritize sea deliveries and maximize container capacity for environmental efficiency. Elof Hansson engages carriers in discussions and encourages investment in vessels for zero emissions by 2050. Via Elof Hansson Foundation we support reaserch within the logistics area. We actively contribute to developing a sustainable supply chain, challenging the status quo with our partners.

Ocean transportation is a cost-effective and energy efficient choice, given the vast cargo capacity of ships. However, with this efficiency comes a responsibility to minimize the environmental footprint of maritime operations. We aim to mitigate our impact on the marine ecosystems by actively ensuring that we are working with carriers that have sustainability as a top priority, challenging our carriers by questioning, requiring and jointly endeavoring to find solutions, as well as actively choosing not to work with shipping companies that do not meet our requirements.


How we do it

By seamlessly integrating sea, rail, and road transportation, we can optimize routes, decrease road transport, and further decrease our environmental impact.


Meet some of our experts

Morten Brühl

Vice President Global Shipping

Angela Geisel

Area manager

Athena Forsberg

Area manager

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