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A sustainable Elof Hansson

Sustainability have been, is and will remain a priority for Elof Hansson. We believe that responsible business creates a better world for all.

Why we work with sustainability

Our success depends on our ability to generate value that aligns with desires and requirements of our stakeholders while considering the economic, environmental, and social implications of creating such value.

Consequently, sustainability efforts at Elof Hansson must be characterized by a focus on the long-term outlook. We recognize that our responsibilities, risks, and opportunities include all ESG factors (environmental, social, and governance) and are part of our strategy. We also recognize the importance of our partnerships and collaborations with business partners to drive progress.

Sustainability report

The Sustainability report is a part of our Annual Report

Sustainability is our commitment to creating lasting positive impacts. Explore our sustainability report to discover our progress, inititiatives, and dedication.

Partner with us

Through partnerships and collaboration we
harness expertise to generate value and accelerate the sustainable transition.

Leveraging years of experience in sustainable business, solutions, and projects we provide great solutions with an extensive network of partners. Want to partner with us?

Want to know more?

Contact our Sustainability Expert

Mia Basara

Sustainability Manager

+46 790 66 40 76

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