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We are
entrepreneurs at heart.
Trade is in our genes

Whether it is trading in pulp and paper, developing commercial real estate, or supplying equipment to sustainable projects around the globe. We make it happen.

Who we are

The Elof Hansson Group conducts international trade in forest and industrial products across the world. We also invest in and develop real estate projects. Our roots go back to 1897, when the young merchant Elof Hansson started the company in Hamburg. His original business philosophy and “house rules” have been passed down from one generation of employees to the next and continue to drive the Elof Hansson Group of today and tomorrow.

The worldwide activities of the Elof Hansson Group are managed and coordinated from our headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. The headquarters house management, sales divisions, financing, risk management and shipping departments.

Our subsidiaries are the strategic hubs of our global network of business specialists. They interact with both agents in the individual regions and the sales managers at the headquarters in Gothenburg. In total, we have subsidiaries and agents in more than 100 countries, each involved in one or more of the Group’s business areas.

Elof Hansson in numbers 2023

770MUSD in Sales

Steady growth is a testament to our company’s progress and success.

184dedicated employees worldwide

Our employee’s commitment, expertise and efforts combined are the magic of Elof Hansson.

16global offices

Together we are strong. Global presence is key to delivering local expertise.

What we do

Elof Hansson was founded in 1897, which makes us one of Sweden’s oldest trading houses and a well-known brand all over the world. Pioneering the transition into a sustainable future, propelled by our rich entrepreneurial legacy our vision is to Spearheading a Sustainable Tomorrow. Our actions are based on the Group’s values: trust, commitment, and professionalism.

Elof Hansson is owned by a foundation, and the ownership structures allow us entrepreneurial freedom with a strong focus on ethics. We aim to be a role model for sustainable business, and we have the vision and courage to make change.

Our activities are divided into three business areas, all of which contribute to the Global Goals of the United Nations. The business areas complement each other and reduce the total risk for the Group.

Mikael Forslund, CEO

“When the world is changing rapidly, it is important to be a flexible, sharp, and stable company. At the same time we need to prepare for the future and make sure that we are in a good market position when the tide turns.”

2023 in short

Amidst the uniqueness of this year, Elof Hansson Trade has proven to be the locomotive of our Group, handling more products than ever before. Despite global instability, we’ve balanced rising supplies with declining demand, achieving stellar results. Elof Hansson International ends 2023 with a steady project portfolio and progressing partnership with Scania for biogas-driven buses. Elof Hansson Properties certified existing properties according to SGBC and reached a milestone with a contract for Global Business Gate.

Focusing on internal synergies, we have fostered smart, sustainable solutions. Our extensive network and trading expertise position us to enhance the value chain. We rely on our knowledge, innovation, and drive to grow and develop the Group, focusing on the future of trading.

In a world of uncertainties, Elof Hansson, with 127 years of entrepreneurial expertise, thrives as a reliable partner. We navigate challenges, find solutions, and build beneficial relationships. I am thankful for our active Foundation and Board, supporting our growth. We are now laying down a multiyear strategy, focusing on our core trading business. This is my focus going forward.

Elof Hansson Foundation

Elof Hansson is owned by Elof Hansson Foundation, with the mission to secure the Groups future

Our annual report

Elof Hansson exits 2023 with a clear focus on sustainability combined with a stabile financial performance

Our latest annual report covers our journey. Both a deeper insight in our sustinability work as well as our financials.

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