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A Sustainable Elof Hansson


Our commitment to creating positive social impacts within the local communities where we operate is an important part of us.

Our reach extends across various business areas, encompassing trade, sustainable projects, and property management.

We understand that contributing to the well-being of these communities is not just a corporate responsibility, it’s a fundamental element of our sustainability strategy. Operating in over 100 countries worldwide, we embrace the challenge of working in diverse and often difficult markets. Our presence in these regions has far-reaching benefits that extend beyond our business interests.

Social impact

“Elof Hansson Foundation takes great pride in being able to give back to society by both helping people in need and enabling the work of leading researchers to improve commercial processes.”
Peter Hentz, Chair of Elof Hansson Foundation


98.3%Health Attendance

We follow up sick leave to understand the underlying causes and to be able to help at an early stage. The health of our employees is important.

37 eNPSEmployee satisfaction

Ensuring employee well-beeing is a prerequisite for our ability to ensure sustainable growth.

10Competence Development days

We have highly qualified employees who are eager to learn and want to grow with Elof Hansson.

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