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“Nearshoring creates great opportunities for the future”

Jose Ignacio Portilla

  • RoleManaging Director
  • Business areaTrade
  • OfficeMexico City, Mexico

Tell us about the business situation in Mexico at the moment.

“Since the pandemic and the logistical problems around that time, companies in the US and Canada have begun to bring their supply chains closer to home by developing so-called nearshoring solutions. Nearshoring to Mexico has the advantages of shortening lead times and lowering production costs, while also taking the opportunity of the USMCA free trade agreement between the three countries. For us, nearshoring creates great opportunities for the future.”

What position is Elof Hansson taking in this situation?

“Companies in the USA and Canada are looking for actors that work sustainably. In this, Elof Hansson has a lead compared to other actors which gives us a competitive advantage since we have the tools needed already in place. For example, we work with sustainable sourcing of paper products, obtaining traceability certifications and overall due diligence in our supply chain.”

What effects will this have in the region?

“As a worldwide enterprise, our global presence not only provides a great opportunity but also underscores our responsibility to make a positive impact in the diverse geographical markets we serve.”

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