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“I’ve been given a unique career opportunity”

Arvid Åberg

  • RoleSales Manager, Pulp
  • Business areaTrade
  • OfficeSingapore

How did you start working at Elof Hansson?

“I was doing my Bachelor in Financial and Industrial Management at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. I got a summer job at Elof Hansson through a career fair at school, and later was offered to work extra during terms doing back office and financial analyses. When it was time to do my masters, I developed a taste for working in an international business environment, so when I was offered a job at the Paper Division, I gladly accepted.”

What roles have you had during your time at the company?

“The summer job was mostly back office and administrative tasks, and when I joined full-time in the summer of 2022, I supported Traders at the Paper Division to learn more about the business. Now I have started working within the Pulp Division in Singapore as a sales manager working towards the Asian market.

Elof Hansson gave you the opportunity to work at the office in Singapore after less than three years. How do you feel about that?

“It’s a dream come true! Since childhood, I’ve yearned to live and work abroad, and I never expected to get the chance this early in life. It’s great to be able to meet customers and suppliers more easily in person, and it’s a unique career opportunity.”

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