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Opportunity for students

Create your future with us

Opportunity for employment during your studies.

Your future is important

At Elof Hansson we understand that your future is important, and we would like to be a part of it. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to gain valuable experience and lay a strong foundation for your career already during your studies.

Within areas such as logistics, trading, administration and finance, we provide a range of exciting opportunities where you can grow and develop within our three business areas: Trade, International, and Property. Through our international operations, you will have the chance to gather experiences from a global perspective and build valuable industry contacts.


We are aware that the balance between studies and work is crucial. Therefore, we offer both part-time jobs during the semester and full-time employment during the summer, with flexible schedules tailored to your needs and studies.

At Elof Hansson, we believe in long-term relationships and invest in the development of our employees, where many of our students continue their careers with us after graduation.

Opportunity for students

Are you ready to take the step towards your future today?

We look forward to welcoming you to our team.

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