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The Parkside

A city in a house

A city in miniature, where housing, commercial premises, and businesses meet – a city within a house.

The Parkside – a city in a house

The project is a joint effort by Elof Hansson Fastigheter and Riksbyggen. Together, we will construct an 18-story residential building with commercial spaces on the first three floors. Elof Hansson Fastigheters building rights cover the basement and the first seven floors above ground for commercial spaces and rental apartments. Riksbyggen will build condominiums on floors 8 – 18.

On April 10, 2024, the official groundbreaking ceremony for the collaborative project took place. This is the first step towards shaping a miniature city – a neighborhood where residential, commercial, and business spaces converge.

In the neighborhood, modernity and tradition blend in a powerful and distinctive brick building with an international atmosphere, influenced by New York. With a total area of approximately 15,000 square meters, the 18-story building reaches about 50 meters into the sky.

The Parkside - a city within a building
Most of the neighborhood, approximately 13,000 square meters of the total area, will comprise 113 residences of various types. The residences include 68 condominiums built by Riksbyggen and 45 rental apartments, commercial office spaces, and outward-facing businesses on the ground floor constructed by Elof Hansson Properties. It will be a miniature city on Masthuggskajen. The neighborhood has been named The Parkside to match the vibe and, not least, its location next to the new Masthuggspark.

Re-brick and climate-improved concrete
By using reused brick, solar energy, and climate-improved concrete, the project aims to reduce environmental impact and create a sustainable living environment for our residents and tenants. The property will be built to achieve SGBC Miljöbyggnad Silver certification.

Masthuggskajen is and will become even more of a hub for Gothenburg, with proximity to the water, excellent transportation links, and a rich cultural scene.

Moving in is planned for early 2027, when the entire neighborhood is expected to be completed and ready to welcome residents to their new hometown.

The Parkside seen from Masthugget.
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