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Finding solutions

Helping Ukranian supplier to find new markets

Bringing solutions

Early in 2022, when Russia attacked Ukraine, the local demand vanished for one of our suppliers in Ukraine. Although it involved some risk for Elof Hansson, we kept buying material from the supplier and helped them find new markets.

How we did it

Thanks to our extensive network, we were able to act quickly and assist the mill in both finding material to maintain production as well as helping them sell their end product, recycled cardboard.


2,500 Tons of saved material

Tons of recycled cardboard has been bought by Elof Hansson Trade, leftover material that regular customers wouldn’t buy and could have become waste.

Problem solvingRelations are everything

With our support, the mill was able to meet their production allocations and continue delivering high-quality products to their customers.

Future ambition

Our ambition for the future is to keep finding solutions for ourselves and our business partners. To identify opportunities where no one else sees them and to collaborate with our business partners by also helping them in situations when needed is vital.

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