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Second International Russian Pulp & Paper Industry Conference

Helena December 05, 2016

Elof Hansson was one of the main sponsors at the Second International Russian Pulp & Paper Industry Conference on the 30th of November to the 1st of December in Vienna. The topic for this high-level conference was “New Realities, New Opportunities”. A total of 200 participants took part, among them Ministers from the Ministry of Natural Resources and of the Ministry of Industry and Trade – aside from a number of regional Governors and others involved in the Russian Forestry Industry.

From Elof Hansson Mikael Forslund, CEO at Elof Hansson Holding,  Birna Ödefors, President at Elof Hansson Trade and Björn Olausson, President at Elof Hansson International,  attended the conference, which gave an excellent opportunity to meet old as well as new business Contacts.




In the picture above you see Mikael Forslund giving a speech at the welcome reception. The speech focused on our interest and ambitions on the Russian market, and was very well received.