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Worldwide services and products

Elof Hansson International supplies components, equipment, machinery and complete plants to the pulp and paper, printing, packaging and sugar industries. We offer worldwide products and services within three business segments: Equipment & Components, Special Projects and Pulp & Paper Projects.

Equipment & Components

We represent our suppliers globally within the segments Quality Control, Process Equipment and Consumables. Through our subsidiaries and representation offices located close to the end-users, we can provide the services that our customers require.

Special Projects

Special Projects are responsible for our Concession Loan Business. Our expertise in financing has yielded more than 40 contracts since the company entered into the loan business in 1995. Different industries and fields are covered, such as medical, infrastructure, agricultural, food, traffic and security. The projects secured are the result of a combination of Elof Hansson’s financing capability, Elof Hansson International’s competence in export administration and Elof Hansson Beijing Rep Office’s market knowledge. The financing sources are mainly NIB (Nordic Investment Bank), the Financial Protocol between Israel and China and US EX-IM Bank and China. Elof Hansson has subsidiaries in Israel and USA for Protocol Business.

Pulp & Paper Projects

Pulp and Paper Projects supply pulp and paper machinery to clients through our local offices located around the world.

We have the capacity and resources to take overall responsibility for complete projects, including financing, risk management and logistics. Over the years, we have executed numerous projects in most parts of the world.

By utilising our representation offices or subsidiaries, we can represent suppliers where they themselves are not present on the ground, and help our clients finding, and install, the latest technology.



Main contacts International

Björn Olausson President, Ann Söderlund Special Projects, Jonas Heiman Special Projects, Josefin Wallman Special Projects , Per Lundström Equipment & Components and Andreas Gunnergren Pulp & Paper Projects.

Björn Olausson
President, Elof Hansson International

Phone: +46 31 85 68 91
Fax: +46 31 12 67 35
Ann Söderlund
Special Projects, Elof Hansson International

Phone: +46 31 85 63 76
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Jonas Heiman
Special Projects, Elof Hansson International

Phone: +46 31 85 68 25
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Josefin Wallman
Special Projects, Elof Hansson International

Phone: +46 31 85 64 00
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Per Lundström
Equipment & Components, Elof Hansson International AB

Phone: +46 31 85 63 02
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Andreas Gunnergren
Pulp & Paper Projects, Elof Hansson International AB

Phone: +46 31 85 69 60
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Regions & product areas

Find the nearest Elof Hansson office by selecting the desired region on the map or in the menu. Here you can also find information about which suppliers we represent in different parts of the world.

Elof Hansson International HQ

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