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One common ground

Trust, commitment, professionalism
are our corner stones

Core values


In his 1904 memo Mr. Elof Hansson wrote: “Always speak and write the truth! Truth creates confidence, success.” True then, true now.


We stand and fall on the commitment to all our business partners and our employees. We stand by our commitments. No matter what.


At Elof Hansson, we know our craft. Training, experience, knowledge and an ongoing learning process are the basis of our professionalism.

Career and Development

At Elof Hansson, we believe that your growth is the cornerstone of our collective success. That’s why we are fully dedicated to supporting and advancing the skills and development of our employees.

We offer a wealth of exciting career paths for you to explore. You might have the chance to take your next step on a global stage, working abroad to experience new cultures and broaden your horizons. Whether you aim to specialize in your field or pursue leadership roles, we provide functional career paths that allow you to grow and take on new responsibilities.

We are committed to creating a vibrant and dynamic work environment where every individual can thrive. Together, we build a workplace where your ambitions and our innovative spirit come together to flourish. Welcome to shape your future with us!

Elevating Wellness at Elof Hansson

We are proud of Go Eagles, our enthusiastic group of employees dedicated to promoting wellness. Go Eagles organizes weekly group training sessions in Gothenburg, participates in races, and provides educational resources on health and wellness. This initiative offers our employees an excellent opportunity to improve their health, build stronger connections with colleagues, and maintain great performance.

Join us in embracing a healthier lifestyle and making the most of the opportunities at Elof Hansson!

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