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ECA Financed Projects

Financing Sustainable Development for a Greener Future

We act as your extended team. We navigate national content requirements, and build strong supply chain – all the way from preliminary sourcing to project execution. We customize the solution.

We go beyond introductions. We act as your extended team, managing the supply chain with deep local expertise.

We can facilitate the contact with relevant ECA:s in projects that require additional financing or reinsurance and assist with meeting their national content requirements. We are not limited to a certain business, the process is our core competence. Swedish suppliers who believe they can contribute to these projects should also reach out! We are constantly looking for qualified partners to join our network. Contact us today and let’s make your project a reality, together.

clean water
clean water

water accessible to all

Water supply, distribution and treatment – we can help you

Clean water is needed in many places of the world, contact us and we tell you about our vast experience of water supply projects.

solar energy
solar energy

Renewable energy – a vast need, a lot of solutions

Sun, wind, water
– renewable energy is the future

To make it happen you need technique, transmission, on-site facilities etc. We’re well experienced in all aspects of a successful project execution – contact us regarding your project needs.

heavy vehicle
heavy vehicle


Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

We gather all the required project components under a single contact point whether it is airports, harbours, roads, railways, agriculture, mines, water distribution…


Medical care

Hospitals, mobile clinics, health care solutions

We source and supply various building systems, services and medical equipment for hospitals. We assist in identifying your need and facilitate a competetive financing solution.

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