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Global Business Gate aids to secure the ship Götheborg a home harbour in Gothenburg

Helena December 13, 2016

At a press conference on the 11th of December it was announced that a future in the city of Gothenburg has been secured for the ship Götheborg (see www.soic.se).

As a participant of the consortium for development project Masthuggskajen Elof Hansson Properties through its projects Global Business Gate has contributed to assuring the ship’s future in Gothenburg. Along with other companies from the consortium and SKF, Volvo Cars and AB Volvo we have financed Götheborg for the long term and assured her a quay-slot at Masthuggskajen – right by the Global Business Gate.




A strong reason for the decision to co-finance the Götheborg’s future is the ships long history, heavily related to Gothenburg as an international trading and shipping town.

“This fits well right in with our concept Global Business Gate, which essentially created to strengthen the city’s position with-in international business and trade, says Lennart Hedström, CEO of Elof Hansson Properties.

Adjacent to the ship a visitor centre is being built. Here the consortium Masthuggskajen among others will present exhibitions and market the project and plans. The ship Ostindiefararen Göthenburg is calculated to dock at the quay of Masthuggskajen in spring 2017.