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Côte d’Ivoire

Water For All Initiative in Côte d’Ivoire

The initiative improves rural water supply with strong social and environmental impact, facilitated by Elof Hansson International.

bringing solutions

3MPeople with water

3,000,000 people will be provided with clean drinking water. The project have a strong social and environmental impact.

1,000Solar powered pumps

Wells, solar-powered pumps, reservoirs and piping system give access to clean water accessible close to people and cattle.

Access to clean water is a widespread problem in Côte d’Ivoire, not least in remote areas. With the help of wells and solar-powered pump systems, at least 10 percent of the population will be provided with drinking water.

The Ivorian ‘Water for All’ initiative is a multi-year plan to improve water supply in rural areas, which will have a strong social and environmental impact. The team at Elof Hansson International is facilitating the procurement and packaging of high-quality equipment from various suppliers, to ensure that the eligibility criteria of Swedish interest is met.


  • Elof Hansson scope: 21 MEUR
  • Solar powered pumps: 1,000
  • Grid connected electrical pumps: 193
  • Access to clean water: 3 million people

How it started

Elof Hansson initiated collaborations with local authorities, NGOs, and community leaders to understand the specific water needs. A comprehensive feasibility study identified areas for intervention, leading to a multi-faceted approach involving well drilling, water purification systems, and community education programs. Local partnerships were pivotal, engaging skilled artisans and community members in project planning and execution.

Central to the project’s success was the active engagement of local communities. Elof Hansson facilitated open dialogues and participatory decision-making processes, ensuring that community members were not merely recipients of aid but active agents of change. Through educational initiatives, residents were equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to sustainably manage their water resources and uphold hygiene standards.

Empowerment formed the cornerstone of the Côte d’Ivoire Water Project. In addition to infrastructure development, Elof Hansson invested in the training and capacity-building of community members. Workshops and vocational programs equipped individuals with the expertise to maintain and operate water and sanitation systems autonomously, fostering self-reliance and fostering economic opportunities within the community.

Arya Farrah, municipal leader

“In collaboration with Elof Hansson, our municipality has witnessed
a transformative change. The provision of clean water through this project not only enhances public health but symbolizes a commitment to sustainable development. We appreciate the dedication and positive impact on our community.”

Project manager

Elof Hansson International AB

Henrik Lauenstein

General Manager Project Execution

+46 721 43 87 06

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